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"These are smart, educated, well-off people that are doing this," he said, and pregnancy after 50 is not common — the 101 cases in the study were collected over a decade.

One 49-year-old woman in the study died while pregnant (she was included in the study because she would have been 50 at the delivery).

"The uterus is a very different organ than the ovaries," Sauer said.

And the fact that I have been able to provide a home for her for the past 15-plus years has been great for her, for me, and especially for my two girls.She was no longer able to walk confidently, had given up her car keys due to hearing and sight problems. I was distanced from that title initially because I worked in the city, commuting by train, bus and foot for thirty years. Then I think of this space and hope my story resonates with someone out there.My husband the artist works out of our home and has always had a far more nurturing and organic approach to life. And my husband passes by the door to change her password yet again. Sauer said celebrities who have given birth in their late 40s almost certainly used donor eggs, though they may not be acknowledging it.This may be preventing greater public acceptance of egg donation, he said.

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