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Brown is on the verge of becoming one of the big acts of 2009.

Not only does the girl have a great voice, but her lyrical content takes the listener on a musico-emotional adventure. V V: I became prepossessed with my parents’ piano and creating.

Another person who showed interest in my art, I thought I'd do something special for her and not because Lauryn wanted me to do it for her. They don't call me "Leon Phelps, The Ladies Man" for nothing. I'm showing love to the ladies so in the future people can start calling me "Leon Phelps" dammit!

With her mix of 1960’s pop and contemporary soul, Brown has the music scene abuzz about her upcoming debut album. can currently be seen in the pages of TR: How old were you when you first started performing, and what were your earliest musical influences?

Especially when you go out and realize that you are probably one of the few people that other people don’t know anything about. Or maybe I was just not at all ready to move back to the States.with my Beiruti adventure coming to a close, I began to consider Trinidad as a potential option? When I headed back to Miami, I packed my things, tied up a few loose ends, and booked yet another ticket back to Trinidad..determined to start a new life. A very dope photographer based in Detroit, she's shown love for my art so I had to cook up something for her birthday. Good, because here's another name you should probably know already and if you don't, slip on soap (not really though, we here at Pepsi Madness condone safe soap usage).I'm still waiting for her to admit that she has a (art) crush on me though.... Ashley Sierra Reed, who is an entrepreneur with her own clothing line (the ASR Collection), also celebrates her birthday today. Anyways, she's a real talented girl that you should be keeping an eye or two on.face*aka Because I'm a fan of showing love to I guess that’s a small snippet but the record has evolved a little and there is more to come…TR: What differences have you noticed between contemporary American and British music scenes?

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