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Whether you believe your application will be affected by platform changes or not, it's very important that you test the application's forward-compatibility on Android 1.5.To test forward-compatibility, simply run your existing application (as-is) on an Android Emulator that's running the Android 1.5 system image.Specifically, you must create an Android Virtual Device (AVD) before you can launch an instance of the Emulator.

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If you have already released Android applications to the public, you should test the forward-compatibility of your applications on the latest version of the platform as soon as possible.Before you begin: If you had previously setup your PATH variable to point to the SDK tools directory, then you need to update it to point to the new SDK.For example, for a A new ADT plugin (version 0.9) is required for the Android 1.5 SDK.This document describes how to move your development environment and existing Android applications from an Android 1.0 or 1.1 SDK to the Android 1.5 SDK.If you are migrating applications from an SDK older than 1.0, please also read the upgrading document available in the Android 1.0 SDK package.

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