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See full summary » Director: Nikola Lezaic A profound insight into history of Yugoslav cinema through censorship perspective.How did famous anti-communist movies from Yugoslav time succeeded in being made and what consequences did ...stavak 4., svjedodžbe koje se ne mogu izdati u skladu s ovom Uredbom, mogu se izdati na temelju valjanih nacionalnih propisa ili, kada je primjereno, na temelju odgovarajućih zahtjeva Uredbe Komisije (EZ) br. the entry into effect of the measures referred to in Article 8b(6) and the expiry of any transition periods provided for by those measures, and without prejudice to Article 69(4), certificates which cannot be issued in accordance with this Regulation may be issued on the basis of the applicable national regulations or, where applicable, on the basis of the relevant requirements of Commission Regulation (EC) No 2096/2005 of 20 December 2005 laying down common requirements for the provision of air navigation services ( 16 ). When history has a different script from the one in your films, who wouldn't invent a country to fool themselves?See full summary » Directors: Milan Nikodijevic, Dinko Tucakovic Bosnia and Herzegovina during 1993 at the time of the heaviest fighting between the two warring sides.Two soldiers from opposing sides in the conflict, Nino and Ciki, become trapped in no man's land, whilst a third soldier becomes a living booby trap. Director: Pjer Zalica The Topalovic family has been in the burial business for generations.

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See full summary » Director: Mila Turajlic The documentary focuses on the cases heard by the Tribunal concerning crimes that occurred in the area of Prijedor, in north-west Bosnia, in 1992. See full summary » Director: Petar Finci Post traumatic life of the Bosnian Muslim widows and daughters after their husbands and fathers were murdered by Bosnian Serb Army.

Ten years later, Meiselas returns looking for the ...

See full summary » Directors: Alfred Guzzetti, Susan Meiselas, Richard P. When the twelve-breasted boar's sow farrows thirteen piglets, not having enough "sucking space" for the thirteenth, she rejects it and for the most part such piglets die... Ilic works in the hospital for compulsory treatment of alcoholics.

Director: Dennis Alink Tom is a young guy from Zagreb, completely without money, trying to make films in Belgrade.

He somehow manages to survive with a help of women. See full summary » Director: Lazar Stojanovic Bor, Serbia, once the largest copper mine, now just the biggest hole in Europe. Toda and Stefan are best friends, skaters, who spend their first summer ...

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