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Anyway, it’s not clever of anyone in public life these days to disparage ageing baby-boomers – not when by rights we should have reading glasses not chocolate at checkouts – by insinuating they are impotent, borderline demented, old has-beens.

Even Dylan’s hero David Cameron (51) gets this and is devoting himself after politics to the fight against Alzheimer’s and the ‘world of darkness’ it brings. Normal folk who are not appearance-obsessed Peter Pans – ie most people outside London – are thrilled and proud when they become grandparents.

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Could anyone be further than Waity Katie than Sparkle Markle? He seems to be managing OK, gagging on disgusting smoothies, chomping on testicles, being buried in bugs.

Yes, Dylan Jones went on the radio to make damn sure that, even though he’d put JC on the cover of the smartest, most Establishment men’s mag in the world, this was no endorsement. Corbyn IS a grandpa of 68 who collects not magazines but manhole covers, who makes jam and who toils on his allotment.

And that’s why millions love him, and their own fathers and grandfathers, with their holey jerseys and allotments and mugs of tea, too.

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