Iifa awards 2014 tampa online dating

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Co-founder of San Francisco Bay Area-based Starlight Dance Company, Nehal Tenany, was one of the locally chosen dancers in Shaimak Davar’s troupe that performed at the 2014 IIFA in Tampa.

Juggling between college and her dream, she grabbed the opportunity and took a shot at the competition that would decide whether she could perform next to the Bollywood heartthrobs at IIFA.

It was grueling but the rewards were far more sweet. Here’s what she has to say: While surfing Facebook on the night of April 10, I saw a post titled “Shaimak IIFA Bollywood Dance Competition.” Curious, I clicked on the link to read more about it and discovered that it was a USA online dance competition that Shiamak Davar was hosting to give dancers an opportunity to perform at Bollywood’s biggest award ceremony, the International Indian Film Awards. ” I remember feeling like I was in a dream; did I really just win an opportunity to perform at IIFA 2014 alongside so many popular celebrities?

I read the rules on the website of how to audition for it and realized that the deadline was in the next three hours. After the excitement slowly died out, I began thinking logistics. When I reached there I was introduced to the 11 other talented winners.

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In its 10th year (2009), five special awards were introduced: Star of the Decade (Male and Female), Movie of the Decade, Music of the Decade, and Director of the Decade.

As hard as this sounds, it was easier to talk to celebrities because of it as they didn’t look at us as some crazy obsessed fans but as dancers.

Priyanka Chopra was the first one to come in and work on her routine; I was not the biggest fan of her as she was difficult to work with.

She was also very work oriented, she came in and did her dance and left without complaints!

I got to open for Madhuri Dixit, which was so exciting considering she is the Queen of Dance! After 18 hours rehearsal days for three days, it was finally show time!

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