Hot tips for dating beutiful

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Many women seem to be particularly prone to acts of craziness. What makes beautiful women more likely to be crazy?

That is, everyone does things that others perceive as crazy.

However, always remember that crazy women are not necessarily more sexual - this is a common misconception of the past.

The one exception to this is the obsessive woman who focuses too heavily on what people think.

You see, she will probably not start off showing you craziness early in your relationship.

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They make others around them think that they are perfectly sane and rational.Here are some examples of crazy behavior: * Everything is fine until all of a sudden, she goes into a raging fit over nothing important * She goes through your personal things and then goes ballistic when she finds something inconsequential (note: she shouldn't be looking through anything of yours in the first place - nor should you!) * She is obsessed with purchasing the perfect belt, handbag or pair of shoes, when she already has closets full of them at home * Her mood changes constantly * She is consumed by the fear that someone is watching her, has put a curse on her, or is going to get into a car accident * She showers 3 times a day, but never works out It is appropriate to note that men can be crazy too. Let's face it - sometimes we men think ALL women are crazy! Yes - even you (maybe ESPECIALLY you - you be the judge).The simple answer is, that they are given more opportunity to be crazy, and crazy behavior seems to be more readily accepted from them.

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