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But for some reason the author closed the Web server, so the project could not be directly demonstrated, but there are server-side, if you can get your own build server-side presentation.also introduced many website clients, need more "Web client" to find.We can say that, recorded in DMOZ and Yahoo Directory will help expand of your rank in Google and other web search tools.

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This example is a small example of android flow statistics, can each application of the network traffic statistics, to distinguish the mobile network and the technology of WIFI point: use Traffic Stats record the change of the flow Using the Service, Broadcast Receiver monitoring network state changes use sqlite record each application has traffic data (can only be used after installation of traffic statistical application, before the use of statistics), the project coding utf-8 4.0.3 compiled version by default This project is a based on android and javaweb campus secondary trading system, including a complete set of the android client, javaweb server, mysql database, can carry out basic list details display posts, posts, user registration, login, the collection posts, messages, release information, upload pictures released management posts, distribution and trading system common functions such as managing purchasing information.

The android client project utf-8 encoding the default compiler version 2.3.3 need friends can download the study.

This project is a simple hospital registered project source code, to achieve the patient on the android mobile phone login, registration, registration information, see the doctor, and other functions.

This section would like to help need someone but don't know how to and want to know who can offer some advice.

Programs using Web framework is a Flask, opened a scheduled task to crawl the site and store the information provided API provides an interface for the APP.

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