Current dating site scams

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These apps let you “fool your friends,” since everyone gets such a kick out of pretending that their multi-hundred dollar device is messed up..

Can you believe that over 600,000 people have installed all three of those apps collectively?

This time, we’re going to wade into the stupidest, most useless, scammiest apps that the Play Store has to offer. These apps won’t cause any damage, but aren’t actually doing what they advertise either.

They’re often tagged with *JOKE APP* in their description, though not always.

In exchange for a donation to support this wonderful app, you’ll unlock more beer “flavors” and mouthwash.

Get your imaginary drink on with i Beer, Beer, and e Beer if you’d enjoy spending on virtual booze. It’s probably one of the worst tragedies that could befall a phone, so why in the world would you want to simulate that (and advertisements) on your Android?

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