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And while this was due to change in 2016, it’s now been postponed – currently to 2018.But today, as it stands, the minimum age for the youngest eaux-de-vie in a blend to qualify as an XO is six years.It is aged in new oak casks for one year, and then transferred to used oak casks, lest it take on too much tannin from the virgin oak. The unique character and depth of the 50 - 60 year old Folle Blanche vines was lost forever.Today, less than 5% of the total Cognac vineyard is Folle Blanche, the rest is all Ugni Blanche (and the Cognac vineyard is far smaller - just on 80 000 hectares compared to 230 000 hectares in its heyday in the mid 19th century).Léon Croizet started to produce his own cognac in 1805.Due to this enviable position, Croizet was amongst a select group of only 3 cognac houses allowed to continue selling Vintage cognacs in 1963.A huge quantity of casks were stored there for him, and when he died in 1821, these casks became the private stock of the French kings, before becoming the private stock of Napoleon III who was having sumptuous receptions in the castle.

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Seal and emblem of Napoleon the 1st on the neck and label.

Emperor Napoleon the 1st, the "Eagle", was very fond of cognac and had a big reserve in the Compiègne castle.

dates back to an order from the British Royal Court in 1817.

There has been much talk that the minimum age for a component in an XO Cognac is to be raised to 10 years.

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