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All these factors can impact on a mother’s capacity to love her baby.

She attended a postnatal depression support group, Mothers For Mothers, which proved to be her salvation.

Admitting to and sharing the ‘awful feelings’ she felt towards Sandra was a form of catharsis.

Ruth, who is now single, recalls: ‘One day Sandra fell and cut her head and I felt overwhelmed by a rush of love.

With his help, Lilianna began to explore her submissive side...

"Kiss my ass," Lilianna Okunnug said haughtily, as she stood in front of Jamal "Master Ebony Flex" Osman, and the six-foot-three, dark-skinned and ruggedly handsome, broad-shouldered, athletic and leather-clad young black man stroked his goateed chin and smiled.

‘From the moment Caspar was born, I felt as if I didn’t want or understand him. I remember looking down at him thinking: “You poor child, no one really wants you.” But I felt nothing else for him.’‘It wasn’t rational, but then, I didn’t feel very rational.

I was looking after two children under two 24/7, and I spent most of the time in tears.

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’‘It’s very common that a woman who has held a responsible job and done it well feels like this,’ comments Dr Woolfson. When babies are tiny, as long as they have affection, it doesn’t matter where the cuddles are coming from.’Babies are pre-programmed to bond with their mothers.

In the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Lilianna Okunnug met many fellow Aboriginals, and learned the cultural ways of the Ojibwe, Odawa, Potawatomi and various other Native tribes that call Canada their home.

For the young woman, this was an opportunity to reconnect with her nearly-forgotten heritage, and her long-lost father Louis Okunnug, now a restaurant owner and local writer.

Forthright bisexual and highly experimental, Lilianna Okunnug had her way with a few young men and women.

And then she discovered the world of BDSM, and got hooked.

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