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In kids with Down syndrome, in particular, cardiovascular fitness is critical to improved health.Teens who have Down syndrome are two to three times more likely to be obese than their peers without Down syndrome.You want to make sure the coach is trained to work with kids with autism.Teaching should emphasize social skills along with physical ones, and coaches and staff should be patient and prepared to provide routine and repetition.Strength training can build a child's core muscles, which will in turn help with balance and coordination.The following sports and fitness activities can work well for kids with autism (but this is by no means a complete list, and each child will have different skills, likes, and dislikes): Check with your child's doctors, teachers, and therapists.Walking, jogging, riding a stationary bike, horseback riding, and low-impact dance are all recommended for kids with intellectual disabilities.

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Exercise that improves flexibility can help address problems associated with low muscle tone.

Having your child exercise with a buddy is often motivating.

So is recording progress on a chart so she can see her improvements.

Oversensitivity to sights, sounds, and tactile stimuli can affect participation, as can limits or delays in motor coordination and planning.

Team sports can be especially challenging for kids with autism, who have trouble with communication and social interaction.

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