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None of them are related to any of the conditions you mentioned above. Ans: Sperm cells can live for two or three days, but an egg survives no more than 24 hours after ovulation if fertilization does not occur.

Some other common myths include that it will make you blind, cause hair growth on the back of your hand and make you lose hair. Check out this article for some common myths about masturbation. To get pregnant, you should have sexual intercourse during the period spanning one to two days before ovulation to about 24 hours afterward.

If this is the case then probably you both take a time-off being a parent and revisit your early days of marriage when it was filled with sex, intimacy and bonding. However if you do have sex you should definitely use a condom.

So, to answer your question – whether not having sex life abnormal or not depends on what you both define and want from sex. I want to have sex with my girlfriend and I think we might finally do it soon. Don’t use two condoms (it’s a misconception that two condoms are better than one, using two increases friction and might cause them to break).

You should also get a health check-up because erectile dysfunction can often be a symptom of diabetes or some heart-related ailment.

We would really advise you quit smoking and immediately consult a doctor.

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In this post, Dr Dr Vijaysarathi Ramanathan, Sexual Health Physician and Sexuality Therapist and the founding director/CEO of SSS Centre for Sexual Health.

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Amit Kumar Agarwal is a Dermatologist, Cosmetologist, Sexologist,and Skin Specialist. Amit Kumar Agarwal is available for the Doc Meet users through Email and Phone consultation. Speciality : Addiction Psychiatry, Andrology, Cardio Diabetology, Child Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology, Geriatric Psychiatry, Neuropsychiatry, Psychiatry, Psychiatry, Psychologist, Psychosomatic Medicine, Sexologist, Sexual Medicine and Marital Therapy, Sleep Medicine Specialist Language : My name is Dr.

It should not be used as a method of regular contraception.

It should be taken within 72 hrs of unprotected sex. Please read this article – Q: I am 55 years of age.

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