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We have taken the extra step to make sure that you can search on the go using your phone or tablet.

If you are buying for the first time or the 26th time, we are here to help you.

There are many aspects that go into a successful offer.

First – we will work with you on current market trends, discuss your buying goals, and explore the current local housing inventory.

Next after finding a home that meets your goals and needs, we will put together an offer that is well focused and thought out.

Negotiation of offer – we go to work for you, to get you the best return on your investment.

Former bartender at the Lakeview Ran a nightclub in Seattle Former manager of The Metro Former cashier at Al's Diner Former boxer, sponsored by Dusty Donovan Former bartender at "The Metro" Former mechanic at Burt's Garage Holden Snyder (father) Julie Wendall (mother) Pete Wendall (half-brother) Jenny Wendall (half-sister) Abigail Williams (half-sister) Faith Snyder (half-sister) Natalie Snyder (half-sister) Ethan Walsh Snyder (half-brother) Luciano "Luke" Snyder (adopted half-brother) Harvey Snyder (paternal grandfather; deceased) Emma Snyder (paternal grandmother) Seth Snyder (uncle) Iva Snyder Benedict (adopted aunt) Ellie Snyder (aunt) Caleb Snyder (uncle & stepfather) Meg Snyder (aunt) Matthew John Dixon (cousin) Henry Snyder (great-uncle; deceased) Josh Snyder (uncle) Bert Snyder (great-uncle; deceased) Eliza Ryan (first cousin) Brad Snyder (first cousin once removed; deceased) Jack Snyder (first cousin once removed) Lily Snyder (adopted first cousin & former stepmother) Sage Snyder (second cousin) Parker Joe (Munson) Snyder (second cousin) J. Larrabee Snyder (second cousin) Liberty Ciccone (second cousin) Jacob Snyder (second cousin) Hallie Jennifer Munson (goddaughter) Arrested for breaking and entering in Seattle [early 2002] Breaking and entering [Aug 2002] Evaded police custody [Fall 2002] Arrested for illegal gambling [Oct 2003] Assaulted Chris Hughes; no charges filed [Jun 17, 2008] Aaron Snyder, the product of a scandalous one-night stand between Julie Wendall and Holden Snyder, was adopted at birth by Iva Snyder, Holden's adopted sister.

Since Holden was married to Iva's daughter, Lily, and since Julie had been married to Holden's brother, Caleb, it was decided that Aaron's parentage should be kept a secret from Holden and another man's name was put on his birth certificate.

When Craig learned that Lucy was defying him and seeing Aaron on the sly, he had a restraining order placed on Aaron.

That was until Lucy became involved in a minor accident riding Aaron's motorcycle.

Deciding that Aaron was totally wrong for his daughter, Craig talked Holden into sending Aaron back to Seattle.

Alone, and feeling responsible for the couple's marital problems, Aaron became sullen and was finally arrested for breaking and entering.

Thinking that he would be better off in Seattle, Caleb arrived to take the boy home.

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