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Some act indistinguishably from a baby at times, while others practice in a way that would be unnoticed by passers by on the street.The desires and tastes of infantilists vary around common themes of diapers and babyhood.One extreme involves the fantasy of being an infant or small child; adorable, sexually innocent, and powerless.The infant fantasy might involve diapers, baby clothes, and toys to help define the infant's role.This also applies to those who use diapers for practical reasons, such as astronauts and scuba divers.Finally, there are some who start wearing diapers as a "new kink." There are many that wear diapers but are not paraphilic infantilists or diaper fetishists in the strictest sense.

Psychosexual infantilism includes paraphilic infantilism as well as other paraphilias and sexual orientations.

Their motivations and underlying mechanisms are different.

However, those who share AB/DL interests and practices are generally welcome in the communities, and may sometimes be counted as AB/DLs.

Most individuals who have these fantasies do not seek psychotherapy .

According to the American Psychiatric Association, if there is significant distress or impairment for a period of over six months, paraphilic infantilism or fetishism might be diagnosed, depending on the focus.) In practice, the distinction between the two is much narrower; both involve diapers and adults.

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